How would you like to work all week, and then not get paid? This is what Bill Ledley did to me, had me make a logo which he never planned to pay for. After stringing me along all week I ened up putting 50 hours into it for nothing. This is the package I made for Bill at Buck-N-Bass Productions. He called me asking about having a cartoon logo made with a deer and a bass facing each with antlers on both and wanted to know if getting copyrights was possible. The page where he got my phone number is my logo page and the number was right under my $500 price for logos with copyrights.

Here I was trying to get a feel for layout and get input, his reply was asking if text could be added. This was the first sign that he was jerking me around and not planning to pay anything. I explained that this wasn't the logo, that I was just trying to get a feel for layout before I invested any time into it.

I was optimistic until I saw his website, it was un-impressive so I knew right away that this site isn't worth a $500 logo package and that I would have to do it for less. The webiste is actually more like a sub-domain of a host and not a real website. He wasn't even selling anything on it anyway. At this point I offered to let it go right now for $100 with copyrights, I was just a few hours into it, it was the cartoon logo he wanted and it would have fit with the website. and if it took more work, then it would cost more. He said he liked this but wife said too cartoonish/animated and they wanted more work to be done with it, that I should put white in the breast and neck - so he passed up on my offer to do it for $100.

Notice the changes in Deer and Bass, particularly the eyes. I added some backgrounds to get input on that while working on the deer to be less animated, waiting for input. At this point I was no longer getting answers to emails and I suspected something was wrong, so I wrote again and told him I figured he took the picture and ran. He called later, admitted he had a friend that was looking at the picture who was a graphics artists, but said not to worry, that he wasn't taking the picture and running and that if he did, I could write about it all over his website. I should have asked for down payment here, but I had a feeling something was wrong and I was prepared to just try to use the picture myself if the deal fell through, not realizing I was to put many more hours into it (40).

I made this banner and offered to throw in the photo if he liked it but no reply so I dropped the idea.

Here I changed the bass and put a lot of work into the new fish to make it look more realistic, since again I was not getting any replies to emails. He did eventually write back and let me know that he was still around, just working a lot. Said he loved the new Bass.

Here I added a bow, which he liked a lot, said it all looks great that we need to talk about font text. He followed up later by sending me a compound bow which I said would take 100 hours to draw with that kind of detail, and he then said don't worry about it. I did make the bow look a little more like a compound with the cut out handle he suggested and the circles on the tips of the bow. I also spent a lot of time on the deer cleaning it up, making more changes to look more like a deer and he sent me a photo of a deer with antlers and wanted the antlers changed. This was the most time consuming, the deer had to look good even in a very large size, in case it was ever used for a sign or a billboard.

He said he was still around, just trying to decide on which color he liked. I added camo on this last one and let him know that all these colors would be included on the CD, plus the deer, the fish and everything could be used for T-shirts, hats etc, and more editions for embroidery in which I sent a sample of because it was limited to colors that can be used. I also offered to set up a zazzle store for him. That was the last I heard from him. After writing several times I decided to let him know that I wasn't going to charge him the full $500, that I would do everything for $300, which he should be able to make back in T-shirts. Still no answer. So I wrote again and made a great offer, that I would do everything for $100 but without copyrights, that he could buy them later, that way I could sell T-shirts he he got everything dirt cheap, that comes out to $100 for 50 hours work = $2 an hour and I offered to help him with his website because he doesn't get much traffic and I know how to fix things plus I could make him banners, animations etc. When he finally did write back, he said his wife was questioning my intentions and that I had agreed to do it for $100 with copyrights, and that since he is a cop that he too questions everyone's intentions. He also stated he traveled around doing seminars and that he knew cops in Illinois, and later made another statement telling me he knew state troopers in IL. In other words, he was threatening me. He also said they were both having second thoughts about his business he was building, which is probably just an excuse, he just doesn't want to pay me. So I am left high and dry, with a lesson learned and nothing but a few pictures to put on my Zazzle store. They may never sell, but they might pay even more than $500, who knows. I will start a separate store and list it as "hunting" and after some time it might get established enough to start making sales.

These are pictures that he was alos getting with the package. I have a lot more samples that I was making as I was going but there is just too many to post them all and some were just changes to the same picture.
deer bass

2 deer