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March Big Fish

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March Bsss

March is time for big Bass

I just don't have the desire like I used to, maybe when my grandson gets a little older I will again, but I would rather spend time with him and do my work on computer rather than spend a day fishing for one bite, even if it would mean a big Bass, its just not that important like it used to be.

But if I was to go Bass fishing, I would head up to a lake I fished many years. I would use a black rubber skirted jig, about a quarter ounce, and a black pork rind. I would cast it up close to shore while fishing in deeper water. I would let it fall to the bottom, and when I saw slack in my line I would slowly reel it back in. The closer to the boat the slower I would swim it back because it would be getting deeper. If I felt a tick, I would drop my rod and then slam the hook into a fish.

I would also try fishing mid shallow areas, weed beds and flats. Instead of casting toward shore I would cast out and let it fall to the bottom, swim it for a few feet, then let it drop again, and swim again etc. That way I would know I am close the the bottom or I would be letting it drop where fish might be hiding in weed patches. Spinnerbaits and crank baits might work too, if worked slow enough. On the river I would be using spinner baits, but some lakes have so many weeds that will make a spinnerbait hard to use.

I would probably launch the boat and fish the whole 170 acre lake, because you never know where a big fish will move up and feed. It would spend more time where ever the wind had been blowing the warmer surface water for the last day or so.

I can't remember all the big fish I have caught, but I do remember some of the ones that got away. One day I forgot my net after washing the boat and I lost a huge bass after touching its bottom lip as the wind blew me away from the fish. I learned my lesson well about using a fresh know, and a strong hook to match the pound test I was using. With light line a small hook is fine but with heavier line a strong hook is needed or you may pull too hard and straighten the hook. One day I set the hook so hard my rod broke in half, the fish got away and a bird let me have it with droppings, all at the same time. Now I use my wrists to snap the hook set instead of trying to use my whole body.

Fishing in March

March can be a great time to fish. Either you will do good or not catch a single fish and hear about someone else doing good. Get your fishing in now because April can be a tough month and the fishing may not pick up until mid May.

In this area of the Midwest look for big Bass moving up to mid shallow areas to feed. You may only get one strike so don't miss it, it's probably a hog.

Big Muski and Pike are on the feed in creeks streams and lakes. Catfish are still in the holes and they are getting hungry and want to feed before they start to cruise. Its common to catch 100 fish a day, or at least I used to here in the Rock River. Redworms work best. You might get a big Flathead Catfish to take the bait and you probably won't be able to stop it from running if you're using light line. I like to use my double rig because if you get a bite you're not sitting there with an empty hook, you still have one that is loaded.

The best fishing is probably at the dam tailwaters for Walleye and Sauger. Look for big crowds though. Catch fish in deep water and an occasional big Walleye will cruise the shallows where no one is fishing. Jigs and minnows are the trick.

Bass move into the shallows in small backwater lakes to feed on the Mississippi River. They may only be there a day or two, but thats what to look for. It will probably be weedy and shallow, or flooded areas.


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