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Trolling Sinkers
Clip-on Sinkers
Bottom Bouncers

Get better control of the depths, keep your lures free from debris, walks on two legs, won't spin, tangle free, less knots, easy to use & store. Clip-on sinkers and bottom bouncing slip sinkers, the best trolling sinkers around and the price is hard to beat. I caught two Walleye over 13 pounds using these Clip-on Sinkers!
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Lake Erie DVD

New 2009 DVD! Three Walleye over 10#! Advanced trolling techniques. I made a trip just to get footage to show how to catch big Walleye using my clip-on trolling sikers and planer boards.
Buy Lake Erie DVD

Mississippi River DVD
"Big Walleye Big Water"

NEW 2009 DVD shows many techniques that work on any body of water, including Lake Erie and the Mississippi River. Wingdam how-to, jigging, trolling crankbaits & more!
Buy Mississippi River DVD

fillet dvd
How to Fillet Fish DVD
Fillet fish fast with electric knife. Panfish, Bass, Walleye and Catfish

jigs dvd
How to Tie Jigs DVD
New edition is now 100 minutes long. Learn to tie acrylic hair, bucktail, rubber shirt jigs; pour sinkers and jigs; sinker rigs, floater rigs, slip-sinker rigs, crawler harness spinner rigs and more.

Walleye ebook
Walleye Ebooks
$19.99 FREE!

Free Walleye Ebooks with all DVDs!
Lake Erie map showing where I have caught fish over the years with explantion; Where fish lay on wingdams, how wingdams are made, how to troll wingdams; How to make Walleye rigs, how to tie stinger hooks, fish recipies and much more all included with each dvd. These are ebooks you get instant download, I will send you the ebooks when I process your order.


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Fishead Trolling Sinkers
Walleye DVD
Clip-on Sinkers

Walleye DVD
Bottom Bouncers
Want to catch big Walleye? buy my DVDs! Visit my Store

Walleye DVD Walleye DVD

Walleye DVD
Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Panfish Fishing T-shirts

Zazzle - Add your own text to shirts, Cards, Stickers, Posters, Prints, and more!

Fishing T-shirts: Catfish, Bass, Peacock Bass, Panfish;
Photography: Mississippi River, Rock River, Fish, Birds, Flowers, Butterflies;
Art: Mississippi River, Lake Erie, Seascape, Landscape, Nightsky, Bigfoot;
Cartoons and much more!


Wallpapers: Wildlife & Fishing, Wildlife, Peacock Bass, Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Panfish, Nightsky, Wildlife, Paintings

Fishead Fishing Cartoons

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Walleye Guide
Mississippi River
Pool 13, 14,15

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