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Bird Photos
Photography by Dave Tackett - Two Canon 50Ds and one Canon T1i

NEW - Mississippi River Nesting Birds 6/19/13
River Bird Nesting Islands l  Full Size

Bluebird, eastern
Indigo Bunting 2013
Cardinal 2013
Catbird, Gray
Chickadee   Chickadee 2012
Coot  Coot   May 9, 2013, Coot
Cormorant 2013 l  Cormorant 2012 l  Cormorant 2012 Full size  l  Cormorant 1 Cormorant
Cranes 2013   Crane  Crane  Sandhill Crane 2014
Creeper - Brown
Crow   Crow 2012   Crow 2012 Full size
Dark-eyed Junko slideshow  Dark-eyed Junko
Dove, Morning
Ducks Bufflehead
Ducks - Golden-eyeDucks - Golden eye
Ducks - Redhead
Ducks - Mallards l 2
Ducks - Merganser l 2
Ducks - Wood Duck
Ducks - Green-winged Teal slideshow  Ducks - Green-winged Teal
All of February 2014
February 18th 2014
February 9th 2014
February Week 1 2014
January Eagles part 1 2014
January Eagles part 2 2014
Miss Eagle
December Eagles part 2 2013
Rock River eagles 1/2/2014
December Eagles 2013
Eagle, Mississippi River

Egret 2014  l  Egret 2013 nesting l  Egret 2012 l  Egret 2012 full size l  Egret l Egret l Egret 4/2013  May 2, 2013, Mississippi River Egret nesting

Goldfinch 2013
Finch - Goldfinch  Finch - Goldfinch  l May 5, 2013
Finch, House Finch
Rose Breasted Grossbeak 2013
Grosbeak, Rose-breasted
Hawk, Osprey
Hawk: Osprey - Red Tailed Hawk, Pigeon Hawk
Hawk, Sparrow; American Kestrel
Heron 2013 nesting   Heron 2012   Heron 2012 Full size   Heron   Heron 5/2013
Heron - Green
Hummingbirdsept Hummingbirds
2015 - Kingfisher Photos I've been trying for years to get a decent Kingfisher photo and finally I have done it. This is a growing collection, so I will be relisting it when I add more.
Nuthatcher, White Breasted
Nuthatcher, Red Breasted

Boston Oriole 2013  l  Oriole, Baltimore l May 5, 2013
Owl - Barred Snowy Owls 2014
Pelicans Miss river 2013   Pelicans Rock River 2013    Pelicans 2012  l  Pelican 2012 Full size
Mississippi River Pelicans 2011
Mississippi River Pelicans 2010   Mississippi River Pelicans l Mississippi River Pelicans 2013
Red Winged Blackbird
Seagull  2012 Seagull   2012 Seagull full size
Sparrow - Common European

House Sparrow   l   White Crowned Sparrow

Sparrow - Song Sparrow
Sparrow - Yellow Winged Chipping Sparrow
Swan, Trumpeter  Swan, Trumpeter
Titmouse - Tufted
Warbler, Cape May
Warbler, Morning
Warbler Yellow Throated
Warbler, Propietory
Warbler, Yellow-rumped
Warbler, Yellow
Warbler, Tennessee
Waxwings, Cedar
Woodpecker Downy 3 l Woodpecker Downy 2 l Woodpecker - Downy Woodpecker Downy 4
Woodpecker - Flicker
Yellow Bellied Woodpecker 2013
Woodpecker - Red Bellied l Woodpecker - Red Bellied   Woodpecker - Red Bellied
Woodpecker - Red Headed
Wren - Carolina
Wren - House Wren
Mississippi River Birds June 29, 2011

Window Birds

How to make a water proof thistle feeder from items in your home

Fishead Trolling Sinkers
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Walleye DVD
Bottom Bouncers
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Walleye DVD Walleye DVD

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Dave Tackett has been making art and cartoons since 2004. He has made many logos for businesses and he has made numerous custom cartoon T-shirts. His photography is great for cards and prints, and all his art can be found in canvas prints and many other products offered by Zazzle. If you would like a name added to any picture just send me an email.
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Art: Mississippi River, Lake Erie;

Fishing Cartoons and much more!

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Dave Tackett Photography

Outdoor Photography Sterling Rockfalls IL - Freelance Photographer - I can take photos or video from a boat on the Rock and Mississippi rivers

Family and senior shoots available. Any outdoor photograghy available in Sterling Rock falls area, (within 100 miles). Reasonable rates! You get full rights to use the photos as you wish with no logo marks across images for web use. Call 815-six two five-3473 or email me

For all my latest photos and rants you can check out my facebook page, but it is set to private off and on so just send a friend request

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