Pileated Woodpeckers Sparring with Sharpshinned Hawk

Pileated Woodpeckers Sparring with Sharpshinned Hawk

1 Minding my own business watching songbirds

2. Here comes trouble, a Pileated Woodpecker with his parents hanging around

3. Better get them talons ready

4. He’s asking for it

5 ready, set…

6 go

7 I’m coming

8 Dang, missed, but there’s another one

9 and here comes another one

10 Spotted

11 Just act like nothing is going on

12 eye contact

13 how come he’s not running away?

14 I will eat you

15 Playing chicken

16 giving up

17 chase is on

18 out maneuvered

19 wew, that was close

20 maybe I should tease him some more

21 better watch out buddy

22 getting closer

23 showing off

24 landing

25 watching you

26 There’s another one

27 yep, our whole family is here

28 being sneaky

29 being watched

30 uh oh…

31 oh crap

32 quick move

33 safe

34 ya I have a weapon too

35 next time buddy

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Peregrine Falcon Mississippi River

Peregrine Falcon Mississippi River, March 2017. I have seen this one hanging around for a couple weeks and sometimes his partner is around. They have been catching pigeons.

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

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January Photos

dam 13


dam 13

Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle



Rock River

Rock River

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Baitcaster Reels

Baitcaster Reels aren’t what they used to be. I still use my old garcia reels, even though they have slow gear ratio and don’t cast very well. I bought 2 garcia silver max and got about 2 years out of them. Cleaning them doesn’t help, and they are so hard to work on it’s hardly worth the trouble. They are like disposable, use a year or 2 and then throw them away. I am trying different brands, but did buy a garcia revo last year that I like so far, but it doesn’t have the flippin feature like the silver max, which is what went out on them that affected the whole reel. I tried a nice lews, but after using it one day it isn’t smooth any more and has so much drag it is annoying, but it casts good, better than any reel I ever used. Now I am trying a quantum, I like their spinning reels. So far so good, but it’s not very smooth once it gets used and gets water inside from use. I hear the bass pro tournament series is good, I plan to try those, but I am afraid all reels under $150 are like disposable, too much plastic in them. I’m afraid to pay too much, they are just too hard to clean anymore.

So I would rate the garcia silver max a 3 out of 5, it is a good reel for a couple years.

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Lead Sinkers Are Not Killing Eagles

OK after researching the web, I cannot find any evidence that sinkers kill birds, mainly, Eagles. The people spreading these rumors are hunters, trying to point fingers at fisherman so they can continue to use lead. Being an ex-hunter and avid fisherman, I know things that most hunters don’t want people to know.

First off, fishing sinkers are attached to line, these days likely braided line that is very strong and will straighten hooks when snagged. Guys aren’t throwing handfuls of split-shot sinkers into the water like hunters do with lead. As far as jigs, some large fish might break off, but eagles can only lift smaller fish, up to about 5 pounds. Fisherman do break off on jigs in shallow rocky areas and ducks do pick these up, but it’s about impossible to swallow a jig with a hook in it and ducks just drop them back in after they realize they’re not live bait.

Hunters on the other hand, cripple more than they kill. Those misses actually kill the animal later. Then predators eat them and the lead. They are supposed to use steel shot for ducks, many hunters sneak lead in because it is more powerful with further range and kill power, and much cheaper. Every shot throws a bunch of lead pellets into the marshes where ducks ingest them. There is big money in hunting, with all the guns, ammo, clothes, etc and they don’t want to take the blame for killing eagles and hawks, so it is easy to point fingers at fisherman, but it’s just not logical or true.

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