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Update: Come to find out we had a bad connection. After three days of calling comcast and given the run around of doing all kinds of tests, they claimed it was in my house and there would be charges to fix it. Just before I was leaving to go get a new modem from comcast to see if that was the problem (I already bought a new wireless router) my neighbor stopped over and said he and one other neighbor had connection problems and wanted to know if I was too. Comcast told him they would not do anything until they had three calls from three separate customers, and by then I was already on the phone calling again. They wanted my customer number which I don’t have access to since my internet was out, but after I complained some they agreed to send someone out to fix a bad line on a pole. So they said anyway, I think they piled so many lines on one connection that some came unplugged but I am only guessing, but I bet it was something like that and it was fixed soon after. Just for the heck of it I tested the speed and it is still much slower than it was when insight ran the service.


When I had insight broadband it was lightning fast. Then comcast bought them out, and a short time later they put out a letter to customers saying they were going to be testing some new methods of delivering cable and that we might start seeing some slow times during peak periods. Well my connection got about 50% slower and I can hardly watch youtube videos without stalling out all the time. I spend a tremendous amount of time waiting for a connection to my server. What they did was pile all the connections together to free up connectors so they could charge more money and call it high speed internet. Now I see a comcast commercial claiming that the reason for the slow down is because people have too many computers and TVs using up all their bandwidth, and this is not true, I have the same amount of TVs and computers I had before comcast made this change. They are selling people the same thing they already had with insight to make a larger profit. Their overhead isn’t high, it doesn’t cost anything once the cables are hooked up, they just keep raking in the money without doing anything really.

Today I had to call comcast, I had the wife do it because I get too stressed out. It took over five minutes of pushing buttons to finally get through to a real person. The last time I asked the guy where he was and he was in Mexico, where they had shut my internet off because they made an error, shut my internet off from Mexico because they had an error! Well today there was nothing wrong, I just needed to restart my routers because the bad connection cause a malfunction.

One other thing, my cable sucks if you ask me. I had comcast turn HBO off because there was never anything good on. I usually just spend my evenings online trying to watch videos that stall out half the time. If satellite TV had internet I would have switched already. I think part of the reason for the bad connection is they don’t want people to have enough power that neighbors can hook into their connection. I think they keep the power as low as possible and then offer high speed internet for a great amount of money, making the internet for mostly for those who can affo0rd to pay a bundle for a decent connection.


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