Good Fishing Getting Close Now

Well in the Fall I have always found that the more the leaves fall the better the Walleye and Bass bite. In the Spring, the more the leaves come out the better the Bass and Crappie will bite. I see the leaves are finally sprouting out pretty good so it won’t be long now. This year the moons are at a bad time, the full moon is about the first week of May and that conflicts with the water temperature in this area of the Midwest. So I expect the new moon will be the best time to fish in May, which should be about the third week of May. I also expect the fish will be biting fairly good during the full moon in May but just not as good as the new moon will be. I think the Bass will spawn the first week of June this year, at least some or most of them.

Now we are getting a bunch of rain, that will make things unstable, but we have a couple more weeks top wait anyway for that full moon. The Mississippi River was a little low for this time of year anyway. That will help the span and make the fish harder to find by fisherman because they can go way back in the backwaters and flooded areas.

About Dave Tackett

Dave Tackett is from Sterling Illinois. An avid fisherman since childhood, he has fished all over the Midwest, mainly the Mississippi River pools 8-19. His home waters are pools 13 & 14. After fishing Bass tournaments for many years, he gave it up to fish for Walleye year round. He now guides and fishes for fun. He likes to take photos of the scenic places he visits on the river and likes to keep a video camera running to get footage for his Walleye DVDs. Photography is now where he most of his time working, using professional DSLR cameras and lens. These photos include landscape around the Mississippi River and the Rock River, river birds like eagles heron, egrets etc.
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