Bad Warranty with Farm & Fleet Marine Batteries

Farm & Fleet Marine Battery problems, don’t expect them to stand behind the warranty.

I took 2 batteries back because I was only getting about half the time I should get using a trolling motor. They tested the batteries with a high tech tester that tests the charge, and they said they show a full charge. Well I just charged them so that was no surprize. I tried to explain the problems I was having and they said there is nothing they can do. I talked to a manager and he said the same thing. I wrote to the main office and the manager wrote me saying I could look at their tester myself if they didn’t believe them. I replied and asked if they could test the individual cells to see if any where weak and no reply.

So I bought my own cell tester and low and behold there is several weak cells. So I am stuck with these batteries because of farm & fleets policy on testing batteries.

What I should have done was run them completely dead before I took them back. They would have put a fast charge on them to test them and it could have shown the damage since deep cycle batteries require a long slow charge. I don’t think they even understand what a deep cycle battery is. A regular starting battery needs a full charge to start a motor so the cranking power is important. But a deep cycle battery goes by how long it lasts, not the cranking power.

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