Eagle in my back yard

We have a new puppy, a peekichin which is a small dog and he is only 4 months old. I took him out back earlier and had him on a dog cable. He managed to wrap around something and when I brought him in he was mad as heck and kept nipping at my ankles. Later I took him out from and I went in to make coffee. Worried someone would steal him I quick went out to get him but he wanted to stay out so I took him around back again and there was a Bald Eagle sitting in the tree over where I tie him up! Then the Eagle comes back circling around. I’m not sure if he wanted the puppy or one of the Squirrels out back, but I think I better not leave him attended for awhile. I have been seeing more and more Eagles in the country away from the rivers. So far no cats missing but I wouldn’t be surprised of some did disappear.

About Dave Tackett

Dave Tackett is from Sterling Illinois. An avid fisherman since childhood, he has fished all over the Midwest, mainly the Mississippi River pools 8-19. His home waters are pools 13 & 14. After fishing Bass tournaments for many years, he gave it up to fish for Walleye year round. He now guides and fishes for fun. He likes to take photos of the scenic places he visits on the river and likes to keep a video camera running to get footage for his Walleye DVDs. Photography is now where he most of his time working, using professional DSLR cameras and lens. These photos include landscape around the Mississippi River and the Rock River, river birds like eagles heron, egrets etc.
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