Epson WF-7010 Review

Epson WF-7010 Review – My quick review:

Expect to lose about 50% of your heat transfer papers. You have to jump through hoops getting a page set up to print and the printer always finds a way to screw you, costing you ink and paper. For instance, you have to open several sub windows to find hidden page sizes, one for going out and one for going in. While in there set mirror image and since there is so many other windows to configure, you will likely set mirror image twice and then you won’t get mirror image at all.

The auto detect is so annoying, it’s bad enough it doesn’t work, but if you don’t tell it ahead of time which drawer to use, it will make you start over again because the auto doesn’t work.

This thing is a monster, it is not user friendly at all. It is set up to make you waste ink so you will have to buy more ink from epson. Try refilling your own, that’s what I do. But I cannot get around this thing wasting expensive paper. If you set up a smaller print paper to test first, you will still have to configure several windows and this thing has a mind of it’s own and will likely change things on you and you wasted even more ink and paper.

This printer will not print matte paper well, you will see lines anywhere dark colors should be. It works fine for glossy though.

Overall, it’s like working with a person with brain damage, stressful and annoying.

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