How to Ship an Expensive Camera or Lens

How to Ship an Expensive Camera or Lens

Expect shippers to drop the box. Put lots of foam, bubble wrap, wadded newspaper in the bottom of the box. Putting it on the top does little good other than keeping things from shifting. Try to wrap the lens with bubble wrap before you put it in it’s case or box. When you feel confident that you can drop the box from head level, it is packed right, because it will be dropped from head level and likely more than once. It will get dropped many times, because that is what shippers do.

Write fragile on the top of the box so shippers will know not to drop the box. If you don’t, they will surely drop it many times.

Expect items to shift around in the box when it gets thrown around. This will happen over and over.

Think of the contents like eggs, pack so the box can be throw and dropped without breaking the eggs.

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