Photos by Dave Tackett with canon 50d dslr cameras.

I carry two cameras with me when I go fishing, one for landscape and another with a zoom lens for birds and landscape. I mostly take photos of the Mississippi River pools 13 and 14, and the Rock River.

I mainly use a sigma 120-400mm telephoto lens and a 28-55mm zoom lens for landscape.

I have been taking photos while out fishing and around my yard with digital cameras since about 2006. I started using manual settings to try to improve and bought my first dslr camera and lens in 2010 and the learning began. I have been reading about the cameras and about photography trying to learn at my own pace and I still have a lot to learn. Like with fishing, the learning is never ending. I’m not as patient as most outdoor photographers, I get bored quickly so I pretty much just keep cameras at the ready while fishing, and maybe spend time looking to get some photos as part of my days on the water. If the fish aren’t biting, I spend more time taking photos so its usually not a wasted trip.

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