This blog is part of Fisheadtackle.com, which was started 2002 to offer Trolling Sinkers invented and made by the owner Dave Tackett. The website expanded to include art, cartoons, fishing DVDs and more and is now a very large website with over 700 pages. There are 2 other websites made by Dave Tackett, Walleyedvd.com and Bigfootape.com.

Dave has always liked taking photos of the rivers while fishing, and in 2010 he bought his first DSLR camera and so the photos from 2010 on have professional quality.

Dave Tackett is a retired steelworker from Northwestern Steel & Wire. He took an early retirement because of a bad back, and 2 weeks later the mill went bankrupt and he lost a good part of his small pension and all insurance, so he tries to make gas money to go fishing with this website and Walleye guiding. He takes all the photos, videos, makes the art and cartoons and designed and coded this website.

Dave lives in Sterling IL. He fishes the Rock River and the Mississippi River. He has been fishing his whole life. He used to fish Bass and Walleye tournaments. He guides out on pools 13 and 14, plus the Rock River in the Fall.

About my DVDs:

I have fisherman follow me just about every trip out there, so I figured I would make a video so they can watch to see what I am doing. It sold pretty good on ebay so I made more and I now have two Mississippi River DVDs and 2 Lake Erie DVDs.

Lake Erie DVDs

After catching my first Walleye over 11 pounds in 1997, I bought a video camera and I tried to film when I could. I ended up with a lot of footage, but not much explaining what I was doing so I knew I needed to make a trip just to get footage showing the fishing. So I made a trip with my brother and we made the 2009 DVD. So I have two Lake Erie DVDs, one is a collection of old footage and the other is trolling with a kicker motor using clip on sinkers.

Mississippi River DVDs

This is my home waters, so there was no shortage of footage. As time went by I upgraded my cameras, but some of the older footage is the best showing lots of big fish being caught. I like to find areas that are hard to fish to get away from everyone so I can do my filming but this is getting harder and harder as more and more fisherman switch to Walleye. I can fish any pool and about any wingdam and catch big fish. Depending on water level and flow I know what to look for before I even hit the water. I share a lot of what I do in these videos. I combined some of the older footage to make the 1st addition, and the 2nd addition has better quality camera footage.

Trolling Sinkers: is why I started my first website, to offer to sell these. I thought if I sold a million I would be rich, but then reality set in, there just isn’t that many people that use clip[-on sinkers, and since these don’t fall off, once someone buys a few they won’t be needing anymore. With these clip-on sinkers I was no longer stuck with drifting spinner rigs using a trolling motor to boost my speed, but now I could use a kicker motor and troll crankbaits and spinner-rigs and fishing was very productive.

I started going to Lake Erie in 1993 and I liked it so much I went back every year for many years, sometimes making two trips a year. I figured the Walleye out on my own, I have never taken a charter or hired a guide. I didn’t even ask questions at the bait shop. I saw Erie Deries were popular and that’s how I started out. The evolved to inline spinner rigs and clip-on sinkers. At first I was buying the sinkers, but they were expensive and would slide down or fall off and at about $10 each I knew I had to come up with something better, and after much trial and error I did come up with something that worked, but it out performed the expensive clips in every way, including the price.