Fisherman and Hunters should Vote Democrat

Fisherman and Hunters should Vote Democrat but they don’t because their bait shop and gun shops tell them democrats want top take their guns away and make restrictions. But it’s all lies so they can sell you more guns. When people worry guns will be outlawed, they stock up on guns and ammo. It’s a scam.

The truth is republicans want to screw rivers and lakes up. They want to do away with protections, regulations to keep waters pollution free, they want to do away with stocking programs, they want to let farmers have run off of chemicals and mud when it rains, let farmers cut down all their trees, do away with public lands and parks, take away your SS pensions, take away your medicare and medicaid, tax you more while giving tax breaks to the rich etc etc.

Democrats are also gun owners, hunters and fisherman. They are the smarter ones that know what is going on. Ya we want common sense gun regulations so guns don’t end up in the hands of criminals, but no restrictions for hunting, target shooting or just owning guns. Republicans put guns in the hands of criminals and they will be the one’s ruining it for all gun owners when mass shootings become common.

Save our water and public lands, get the criminal republicans out that only care about big business and the rich. Also keep in mind, FOX news is for the rich, not hunters and fisherman, don’t get brainwashed by their lies.

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Fisherman Stealing Fishing Spots

There is a constant stream of fisherman running through boat ramps and every look out they can find to see where other fisherman are fishing. Some will drive a lot of miles to check out where everyone is fishing. Years ago I had a friend stop by and ask if I wanted to go for a ride to check the river out. I said no, but he insisted, he didn’t want to drive all the way by himself. So reluctantly I agree. It didn’t make much sense to drive all that way to look at the river. Well he didn’t want to look at the river, he wanted to drive through all the ramps and look outs to spy on people. He was so excited as he was showing me his spotting scope and how powerful it was. He was laughing and saying “I can even see what lure that guy is using”. My response was “I don’t do this sort of thing, let’s go home”.

Every ramp I use I see a constant flow of fisherman. I hang around areas to take photos so I get to see just how many people do it, and there are hundreds. They might be from the quad cities, or rockford, but mostly just locals from clinton. They drive through every ramp, they go to every lookout with their binoculars or spotting scope. They might be on the bluffs over looking the river where they can see for miles. They stop right on the road, highway or bridge and watch. I have seen then hide behind trees, rocks, or be in a boat and hide behind islands. I have had people admit that they were hiding behind an island looking to see where I went during a tournament to help a competitor out.

One day I drove down to a secluded ramp looking for wildlife after being out fishing in the morning and some guy came flying down, did a quick circle and sped off. I just drove down the road, didn’t see any turkeys that I was looking for, and then left and I noticed one dead squirrel and 2 dead rabbits that weren’t there a few minutes before, so it was that guy, some bass fishing tournament angler looking to see where everyone was. He probably hit 10 ramps between Albany,Clinton, all the way to Savana.

The other day I was fishing a small spot and I could hear a dog barking, and had a feeling I was being watched. About an hour later here comes some boat racing to where I was fishing, barking dog in tact, doing the exact same thing I had been doing. I took his photo and noticed it was the same guy that did it to me last year, different spot and he has a new boat. These guys think that is how it is supposed to be and don’t realize they are stealing.

I used to fish tournaments and I always thought it was a coincidence that someone pulled up right next to me. One of the last tournaments I fished a boat did that and the fish I had found the evening before had moved 50 feet and so he pulled up right on them and we didn’t catch any. We went to the next spot where I shock off a 5 pounder the day before and a canoe held up a 5 pounder to show us. I ran to the 3rd spot, a bank where we could get a limit and a guy from work was fishing from shore, he said he had a limit and a guy that worked with us told him to go there because the guy I had with me told him where we caught fish.

I have learned to always look behind me. I have had people who like to follow me hide near the ramp and find when I get to my spot they were behind me the whole way and I just showed them my favorite spot.

I have fished walleye tournaments and had guys see me catch fish, and when I moved to check another spot and come back, there they sat and didn’t move for 2 days. This is common in tournaments, they think it is normal, but it is stealing. I have seen FLW hold tournaments on the Mississippi River and some of the better fisherman would have a pack of boats follow them around and watch them. Again, they think this is what fishing is all about. Its all about spots, you just have to catch guys fishing in spots and then steal them. But it’s not. I have to get patterns going every time I go. I have to hit many spots, watch the river levels and consider the time of year. If people have to just steal spots they are losers and might as well give up fishing. Some like to claim “well I’m just learning” but here is no excuses, stealing is stealing.

There is nothing wrong with seeing where the crowds are, like if they’re biting at the dam area, but if you are watching a boat with a scope, and you go there to where you saw him fishing, you are a lowlife thief.

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Was That Photo Photoshopped?

Was That Photo Photoshopped? There are websites that help you tell if a photo has been photoshopped. I don’t mean edited in photoshop or lightroom, because when you shoot in RAW format your settings are set to zero (so to speak) and images have to be edited for exposure, saturation etc. I mean combining more than one photo. Like if you take a bird in a grey or blue sky, its very easy to erase the back ground in one click and just add it to another photo. Or the moon or anything else. Even if it isn’t a solid background, it can be done and people do it all the time and don’t mention that its a composition, more than one photo. It’s a grey area, sometimes exposure can’t accomplished when you have a dark subject and a light background, like trees in the morning with a sky in the background. The trees will come out dark if you set the exposure for the sky, and the sky will be blown out white if you set the exposure for the trees. In RAW format, sometimes you can set it in between and bring out the trees and darken the sky, but it is normal to just combine two images, add the trees to the shy photo and erase the blown out sky. That is not cheating, it is just part of photography.

If you see a large moon on a sunset over the ocean, and it is in full focus, it could be taken without much editing because the moon does get larger on the horizon and if you use a big lens it will look large. But it there is a foreground and it too is in focus, it was likely photoshopped. You jusy can’t get a moon and something close to both be in focus. You could set the camera to f20, atopping down the aperture more and get better focus range, but it will show every spec of dirt on your lens and camera and you will lose detail.

A good photographer can spot these photoshopped images pretty easily but there is websites that will show you a history of the images. One is called “PhotoMe”. They don’t work in facebook though, facebook takes over images, renames them and erases hirtory and data. But you can still tell. One sure sign is a halo around edges. Another is when the lighting is off, like birds will look dark against a brighter sky, and if they’re not then they have been added in later.

I do photoshop occasionally for an art picture, like a fish for my cafe press store, but otherwise I just don’t do it and if I did I would mention it is a composition so people wouldn’t think it was straight out of the camera.

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First Fishing Cartoon 2017

First Fishing Cartoon 2017

Fisherman spend more time messing with fish locator than fishing

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Random Thoughts

I wish my blog was like facebook, where people could comment or put likes on photos they like so I could get inspired enough to post photos on here everyday. But this blog constantly gets russian spam robots trying to sign up to make comments and I get flooded with email alerts so I have to turn comments off. I do have a story almost daily on my photos as I have been watching eagle nests and other wildlife on the Rock and Mississippi rivers, and the scenic photos as well. You can check out my facebook page, it’s public for the time being, but I don’t post any fishing information and don’t post photos where I fish.

It’s been a strange year for fishing, I feel I am missing out on good bites, because the fish are missing from most places I like to hang around. The good thing is that means not many other fisherman are around. I notice one day the river is clear of grass floating down river, then one bass boat fishes a weed bed up river and grass is coming down river for days. The good thing about bass tournaments is when they have tournaments somewhere else, the river is actually normal without bass boats everywhere and you can actually catch a few fish.

The gnats are so bad this year with all the high water, I have to wear a net over my head. It makes it hard to see wildlife and the depth finder, but it does keep the gnats out of my eyes, up my nose and in my ears. Who ever says gnats don’t bite is wrong, they bite like crazy and I have to spray deep woods off.

There is 2 big walleye tournaments coming up. They try to time it just right for the best fishing on pools 13 and 14, but like last year, the water is coming up. You sure don’t want to fish your best spots when they are around, or they will move right in and call all their buddies and tell the world. If you want good fishing, go to pool 11 and 12, they don’t have tournaments on their own pools so there is less pressure when the good bite is on.

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