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Walleye Trolling Basics

A lot of guys have never seen how most Walleye fisherman troll around with electric trolling motors, and a lot of guys who troll around dam tail waters don’t understand what’s going on so I will offer a little insight. … Continue reading

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Fishing DVD

I just can’t seem to get inspired enough to work on my latest fishing dvd. My other computer is almost topped out with footage from this, there are several fish over eight pounds, lots of great footage, but I keep … Continue reading

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Walleye Q&A

Question: Where do Walleye go when the water turns muddy? Answer: Probably no where. Try casting crankbaits in shallower areas or near the bank. Try using a double Rapala rig. Work the jig slower, try holding it steady without jigging … Continue reading

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New Trailer for my Lake Erie DVD

I made this trailer today for my Lake Erie DVD. I put all my 2008 Lake Erie DVD on my pc, I think I will make a new edition and see if I can improve it some, maybe add some … Continue reading

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Lake Erie Walleye DVD

My new 2009 Lake Erie Walleye DVD is now my best seller. I think that’s what people wanted all along as there is many more Lake Erie fisherman and lake fisherman than there is river fisherman. This Lake Erie DVD … Continue reading

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