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Giant Catfish

One day I was Walleye fishing the Rock River here at home, and it was February and the fish were deep. In one spot I had a bite, but snagged my jig up, lots of brush, so I broke it off and tied on another. I dropped it back down where I had the hit, and snagged again. Even though it was only 6-pound test, it wouldn't break, I was pulling the brush up off the bottom it seemed. Then I felt a head shake, it was a FISH!

One about 30 minutes the flathead finally came up to let us see it, then back down. It took an hour to get it in. There was boats hanging around watching to see what it was. The pressure was on, 6-pound test and a big catfish, but I learned something with that fish, I just kept telling myself I have all day to fight this fish, and if I keep pressure on, it will eventually give up. And it did, it weighed 36 pounds.

The secret to lake fishing for Catfish - One day working 3-11 shift, I told a co-worker I was going fishing after work and I was going to catch some big channel cats, guaranteed because it was storming out. He argued that I was full of it. So I said he could go to see. So we go out and I give him a pole and tell him to put a chicken liver on and cast it up shallow near the bank. This was a cove where rainwater washed things in. He casted out and lost his liver, it went flying, said he never fished without a sinker before. I said I'll help you in a minute and I cast out a pole for myself. I picked up my second rod when the first rod took off; it was an 8 pounder. So I got it in and casted out and before I could set the pole down I had another big one on. In an hour I had 8 big fish, and I don't think he even got a bait in.

This works in any lake, the big cats cruise the banks and shallow at night, and the storms are guaranteed big fish.

In the winter the cats hole up, and in March the big feed is on in these holes.

Being there was so many small fish stealing baits, I out smarted them. Red worms are the bait, I tie on a hook leader, 12" maybe, onto a swivel to keep the sinker up from the hook, and this lets me feed out line, it slips, the hook from the sinker. Then I tie on another piece of line to the same swivel, like a 3-way, and this one has a floater. Now, when I get a bite, I don't have to reel it in to see if my bait is gone, now its 2 bites and catches more fish.

I fish brush piles, logjams, for cats in high water, and I use a bass fishing rig, a rubberworm but tear the tail off and dip in cheesebait. This lets me drop bait into any think brush, where the big ones lay in the day. I use a fat piece or worm; I punch holes in it to hold the bait better.

I keep the cheesebait in an igloo cooler cause the lid is always there and it keeps the bait cool in hot weather.

We have giant Flathead here in the rock; you can walk across out bridge and see them lying there in shallow water. I don't fish for them, but a lot of people do. I could guide out everyday for them if I wanted, but my back limits me. But anyway the preferred bait is bluegill, then shad. They cast up under the dam, and there is a hole near my house where they hole up. I just canít sit there waiting, too inpatient, Iíll take walleye fishing any day.


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