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Fishing Tips

The double rapala rig and double floater rig:

The double rapala rig, also called double rig or dubuque rig, is a productive way to fish wingdams on the Mississippi River. I first started using a jig and floater rig at Belview Iowa about 35 years ago and it worked so good I switched the floater with a rapala shallow diver. After losing several I gave up on it but by then word was out. Guys I fished with like to use it but they seemed to go through all the bait or wanted me to go back to get a crankbait unsnagged so I got away from it but that was a big mistake, because it can be one of the most productive ways to catch walleye when fishing is tough.

The benefits of using a double rig: When using a jig/floater combination is you can cover two depts, one close to the bottom and the other up a foot higher. Also if you get a bite and lose your bait you still have another bait on the other lure.

What is a floater: A floater is a barrow swivel which can be bought at any baitshot. Fishing beads also work, along with spinner crawler rigs. Myself I like to make my own by taking a small piece of rubber worm and melting some acrylic fishing fur to it, or globug flytying hair works too.

How to make the double rig: To make the double rig you can use 3-way swivels like most fisherman, or you can use two regualr swivels like I do. Tie a jig to a line and cut it off at about 12-15". Tie a swivel on it. That will be your weight. Nect tie a bead and a hook, (or floater) and cut the line off at about 3'. Tie on another swivel. You can add these to your tackle buddies and have them made up ahead of time for future fishing trips. When your ready to tie them on first run your line through the jig swivel. Next tie on the floater section, the swivel will act as a stop.

To use the crankbait, just replace the floater with the rapala type lure. Rapala works well for a couple reasons, one it doesn't have as much resistance as other crankbaits and it doesn't make a lot of noise. This is good in cold water but otherwise your thuindersticks and other baits may work better. If you get a sore arm, just use a wrist strap like I do. Either cut the top off of a thick winter sock or use a piece of intertube which I am using now and it seems to work much better because it can stay on your arm and won't get lost.

The idea is to get the double rig up on top of the wingdam and then make fast passes across it or just cast it and reel it back in. It is hard to fish deep because of all the resistance but can be done. It is hard to know where it is on top of the wingdams but you just have to guess on how mush line you have out and where your rig is.

Below is some illistrations to show how the rigs are made.

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