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about catch & release Vs keeping some
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:03 pm Reply with quote
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I know my photos make some fisherman mad. But the truth is, I do throw most of my fish back. The question is why does that bother some people. One reason, jealousy, they don't catch fish like that and now they won't be able to catch these fish. Another reason for others, they want the fish for their guide business, or tournament business, where they do much more harm than I do.

The truth about this day is I did something most others cannot do, I quit early and left the fish alone even though I was catching them every few minutes. The fish were getting bigger and bigger, I probably could have caught limits of much bigger fish. I could have went back out, but instead I sat alone in the cabin relaxing. The girls went shopping so it was pretty boring but I sacrificed for the fish. I caught too many that day and it would have been cruel to keep picking on them while they were trying to feed.

The day started out by me trolling the whole length of Middle Bass Island, which was probably about 2 miles long of a path. When fisherman would see me catch fish, they would fish there and not leave so this stretch got smaller and smaller until I was pretty much trolling in one small circle.

By now I was angry and anyone got too close I just trolled right by them making noise catching fish one after the other and I even yelled at one guy for trying to mimic me.

About 11 am I started catching Walleyes and big Smallmouth Bass, all over 4 pounds and one Walleye was over 9. At 12pm I decided that was enough, I need to get off these fish while no one was around that exact spot and let them feed. So I quit and didn't go out for the rest of the day.

The next morning I went to a different spot, I mastered that other area, it was no longer a challenge so I headed up past North Bass where it was windy and my back gave out on me on me and I had surgery soon after. Ya I suffered great pain and risked my life on Lake Erie so don't give me crap about keeping a few fish so I could get photos for my business. If I only took photos of one fish at a time it would be like hundreds of photos of the same fish, so occasionally I keep a few to show.

Also, sometimes I keep fish when I get followers. If they want to be that way and steal spots, I will make sure I don't throw any back for the followers as I leave.

I doubt there is many other fisherman that can do the ultimate, whats far better than catch & release, and that is stay the hell home and leave them alone. Quit telling everyone how good they are biting, quit taking everyone to show how good they are biting, just stay home and shut the hell up for the fishes sake. Then when the bite is over, that is time to let others know how well you did, but its too late for them to go butcher fish now.

Lying isn't such a bad thing with fishing, like an old saying - "ask me no questions I will tell you no lies". There is a reason for that. What fisherman doesn't want to know where they're biting? If you lie then you can brag without worry and the fish appreciate it.

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Second that motion
PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:17 pm Reply with quote
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I agree there is alot of jealous people when it comes to fishing. And there are some 'high and mighty' people who love to 'dictate' there views on Catch and Release only. Eating fish is a real treat and should be enjoyed. At the same time releasing fish is a great feeling too. Common sense tells us to be frugal and not over harvest.

Being able to decifer where the fish are and learning what techniques to use to catch them is the fun part of fishing. Its the journey of the learning curve which you remember the best. People who fish ontop of you show poor sportsmanship and simply rude. It is now their competion to catch the fish that you found? It't just idiotic.

Enjoy fishing in every way and treat others like you would like to be treated. Cortesy on the water make meaniful memories.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:21 pm Reply with quote
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Well said. I get followers about every trip, even on lake erie. Thats one of the reasons I quit bass fishing, I couldn't shake the followers. To me its about having fun and not just about catching fish.

I plan to do some arrowhead hunting this year, thats why I am anxious to fish the rock river. I have a few ideas I want to try. I just hope my motor runs ok. It should, but I haven't tested it since I rebuilt the carburetor.

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 about catch & release Vs keeping some 
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