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My week off
PostPosted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:57 am Reply with quote
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I had this week off and I started fishing last Friday, and here is how it went:

Friday, got gas and bait and was seeing big walleye boats all over the place. I asked the bait shop if there was a tournament coming up and he said yes, the next day. I went to the ramp and there was a long line of boats and they were talking and not putting in so I went around the whole bunch. Started fishing and found I had followers that not only wanted to fish in the area but they wanted my exact spot, so I moved to another spot and had more followers. I started to realize that these tournament guys just follow other fisherman around and they don't find their own spots. They know basic walleye how to and then just go looking for other boats to pile on. Next I went to the dam area to get photos of the Bald Eagles and do a little Walleye fishing and Bass fishing. I had the same problem, followers soon piled on everywhere I went in the dam area. They were trolling cranks with kicker motors, not the best way to fish the dam area but that pattern works everywhere, its just not always the most productive, and again I started losing respect for these guys, they didn't know a lot about walleye fishing tailwaters, they just troll and pile on each other and everyone else. Anyone could fish like this, they are not true pros, just want to be's. Bass tournament fisherman are the same way anymore, they follow each other, follow pros in big tournaments just to see what they are doing and seeing where they fish. If they were any good at all they wouldn't need to do this. They too have no respect for other fisherman and they are desperate to catch fish and will do anything to get a fish. They are all a shameful bunch, or at least 99% of them from what I can see, and I used to fish Bass and Walleye tournaments so I know what I'm talking about. I went home discouraged and decided to start fishing the Rock River to get away from the crowd.

Next day I went to the Rock River and caught a variety of fish, one big Pike, one White Bass, Smallmouth Bass, a few small Walleye and Sauger, Sheephead and Carp. Fishing wasn't very good, so I was thinking I would go back to the Mississippi River since the tournament was over.

I was shocked to see everyone at the dam fishing like I fish, trolling fast pulling cranks and jigging ledges, where they usually troll real slow and pile on where ever they see a fish get caught, and they were also fishing the area where I like to fish instead of fishing where most of the fish are closer to the dam. I like to fish further down to get away from the crowd, but obviously they were watching the tournament guys who had piled on me the day before the tournament and they were fishing like I was that day. I did get some great photos of Eagles again so I went home after not catching much of anything and thinking it's back to the Rock River again.

I did good on the Rock the next day but the fish were running small again and they were stealing all my minnows so I started trolling a Storm Jr thinderstick and found they fish were hitting that pretty good. I found fish down deep and since everyone was fishing shallow at the Mississippi River, I thought maybe I had a pattern going and I should go back there and I needed more minnows anyway and the local bait shop counts minnows and other bait shops give you a fair amount. I did catch another big Pike on the Rock. I also wanted to get more photos of the Eagles.

Back to the Miss River. That was a mistake, again, the bait shop ran out of minnows because the tournament guys bought them all. The dam area was crowded and when I started catching fish boats soon swarmed around me. I went home frustrated again and decided to back to the Rock.

Fishing was tough but I finally started getting a pattern going, fish were coming in all depths so I had to cover a lot of water. I would troll crankbaits going up, storm thunderstick jr with fisheadtackle bottom bouncers, and then jig back down river. They were biting on both. The fish were finally getting big and I hooked what I thought was a giant buffalo but realized it was a giant Walleye and didn't mess around trying to get photos of it, I just netted it sop. I released all my fish. I think that is why the big one lived all day. I took it home and weighed it on my good scale and it weighed 11.3 and was almost 30 inches. It was the fattest fish I had ever seen. I then took it back to the river and let it go.

The next day, yesterday I caught 8 big fish but nothing over 6 pounds and three Smallmouth Bass like I did the day before.

Today it turned cold and I only caught three and they were on the small side. Things had certainly changed. I will be posting photos of the fish tomorrow and already posted the Eagle photos.

11 pound Walleye 2010, video & photos

Bald Eagle Gallery

Eagles Feeding on Ducks Full Size

Eagles Feeding on Ducks Small Size

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 My week off 
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