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Dave Tackett Photography
Family and senior shoots available. Any outdoor photograghy available in Sterling Rock falls area, (within 100 miles). Reasonable rates! You get full rights to use the photos as you wish with no logo marks across images for web use.
815-625-3473 or email me

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2017 Photos

Clinto Iowa Fulton Illinois bridge, Mississippi River pool 14

2016 Photos

Best Storm photosTornado, Thunderstoms, lightning
December 2016 Mississippi river and Rock River Mink, eagles, deer, songbirds, river birds, waterfowl
November 2016 Mississippi river and Rock River Hawks, eagles, deer, songbirds, river birds, waterfowl and Osprey
October 2016 Mississippi river and Rock River Hawks, eagles, deer, songbirds, river birds, waterfowl and Osprey
September 2016 Mississippi river and Rock River Hawks, Falcons and Osprey, mink
Hawks Mississippi river and Rock River Hawks, Falcons and Osprey
August 2016 Mississippi river, rock river, mink, songbirds
American Mink I spent 4 days taking photos of a mink family on the mississippi river. They were catching giant crawdads and one rock bass. I saw an eagle swoop down by them, not sure what that was about but the mink saw it coming and were flashing red mouths and big teeth. The mom was feeding the young and herself. She would leave crawdads along the bank for the kits to find later. I saw her teaching the kits how to find food on their own. They didn't mind me at all, watching from my boat. The mom prefered a keep back a little further but even she got used to me and seem to follow me around when I started to leave. I likely made it safer for them with all the eagles that like to hang around that area where they have a nest. I did take some video but it's pretty shakey. I couldn't move around too much to set up a tripod without spooking them and there was boat waves at times anyway. This was last week and ever since then the river has been high, muddy and it's been windy. The last time I went over I didn't see any around. There is a lot of photos. I toosed aside a lot of good photos and still ended up with too many so I will have to keep working on cutting this collection back.
American Mink video

Re-edit from 2015
Smokey Mountain National Park Clingmans dome

July 2016 Birds eagles, eagle chicks, mississippi river, rock river, egret, heron, kingfisher, cedar waxwing, warbler, hummingbird, mississippi river, sandhill cranes
Flowers July 2016 Flowers, butterflies, swallowtail, sterling IL
Scenery July 2016 mississippi river, rock river, nature photos
July Skies 2016 mississippi river sunrises, storm photos

All Photos June 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, mississippi river, rock river, wildlife, nature photos
River bird Photos June 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, mississippi river birds, rock river birds, heron, egret, waterfowl, sandhill cranes
Songbird Photos June 2016 song bird photos, boston oriole, orchard oriole, kingfisher, hummingbird, warblers, american redstart, cuckoo birds, woodpeckers, and many more
Scenic Photos June 2016 Scenic mississippi river photos, rock river photos, eagle point park lodge, storms, sunrises
Wildlife Photos June 2016 wildlife photos, whitetailed deer, wild turkeys, ground hog

May 2016 Lake Erie, Mississippi River, Rock River, wildlife photos, songbirds, eagles, green heron, blue heron, egret, river birds, rock river, ducks, kingfisher, hawk, eagles nest, eagle chicks, eagle point park, woodies, hawk, kildeer, sandhill cranes, storms, sunrise and much more

April 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, eagle point park, woodies, egrets, heropn, green heron, kingfisher, hawk, rock river, mississippi river, (Adobe LR Gallery)

March 2016 - Mississippi River and rock river photos. New Adobe Lightroom gallery. I am now using adone creative cloud that comes with lightroom and PS, so there should be an improvement in my photo editing. Photos taken with 2 canon 7d cameras, one with a canon 100-400L and the other camera armed with a 17-55mm canon lens. Photos always taken in manual modes, RAW format

February 2016 cardinals, eagles, house finch, red bellied woodpecker, muskrat, rock river, song sparrow, redtailed hawk, beaver

Jan 2016 - Song birds, night sky, Mississippi River, Eagles, Rock river, Belview


2016 Photos

1 2015 - Sharp-shinned hawk, walleye, eagle, belview Ia., harvester building Rock Falls IL., sterling IL
2 2015 - Bald eagles, , harvester building, Rock Falls IL., sterling IL, song birds
3 2015 - Bald eagles, Rock Falls IL., sterling IL, song birds, giant catfish photos
4 2015 - Bald Eagles, Great horned Owl, Raccoon, Merganser Ducks, Great Blue Heron, Pelican, Wild Turkey, Deer, wisconsin river, Rochelle, fairdale tornado, Egret, Teal, Northern Pike, Bass, Goldfinch, bass fisherman photos
5 2015 - Eagles getting attacked by blackbirds, Bald Eagle, Flicker, Mink, Chickadee, Kingfisher, Crow with egg, Deer, Teal, Sandhill cranes and pelicans flying, whitetailed deer, Heron, Oriole, Kingbird catching bug
6 2015 - Thunderstorms, Sandhill Cranes with chicks, Rockford Airshow, F22, Rock River, Wild Turkey, Kingfisher, Flicker, Bald Eagle, Egret, groundhog, Whitetailed deer, Racoon, Boston Oriole, Killdeer, Wild flower, Hummingbird, cormorant eating fish
7 2015 - Thunderstorm, sandhill Cranes, Rock River, Egret, Pelicans, Racoon, Rock River, Mississippi River, sunrise, Heron, Goldfinch on thistle, Bluebird, Whitetailed Deer, Bald Eagle, moon, Eagle Point Park, Houseboat
8 2015 - Mississippi River Pool 14, Pool 14 walleye, egret, yellow warbler, Teal, Humming bird,
9 2015 - Mississippi River Pool, Egret, heron, duck
Smokey Mountain National Park Clingmans dome
10 2015 - Mississippi River, Barns, ducks, Grebe eating fish, Muskrat, Egret, Bald Eagle, Twilight river boat, Egret, Plane flying in front of moon, Painted turtle, Heron, Whitetail Deer, Sandhill Cranes, Coots, Milkyway nightsky, Barn by Hanover, Riverboat, Pelican
Smokey Mountain National Park Clingmans dome
Dec 2015 - song birds, night sky, Mississippi River, Eagles
Nov 2015 - song birds, night sky
Nov 2015 - Rock & Mississippi River photos eagles, hawks, birds, boats, ducks, deer
Nov 2015 - Mississippi River Mississippi River photos, eagles, boats. heron, ducks, walleye

2014 Photos

November Decemeber 2014 - Scenic Photos - Collection of scenic photos
10/2015 - Fishing Pool 12 & Deer - by Galena IL 2014
Big Fish 2014 Collection of photos Mississippi River
11/2015 - Good Walleye Day 2014 - Rock River & Mississippi River, 3 over 9#, one went 11#
Wildlife 2014 - Deer & Turkey, Deer by Galena Illinois
8/27/2015 - Sandhill Crane Photos, Mississippi River - Cranes by L&D 13 road feeding on bugs
9/11/15 - Beliview Iowa summer Photos - Sept. scenic photos
Spring Song Birds 2014 - Swallow, Teal, Cow Bird, Goldfinch, House Finch, Cardinal, Sparrow, Blackbird, Oriole, hummingbird, redstart
Winter Birds 2014 - Hawk, Ducks, Geese, song birds including mergansers, mallards, swans, golden eyes, crow, goldfinch, bluejay, cardinal, red bellied woodpecker, downy, flicker
Mississippi River Birds May, 2014 - Nesting Islands, Heron, Egret, swallow, scenic, oriole, RW blackbirds, american redstart, egret chicks, lots of cattle egret, fat frog, pelican fight
Lake Erie, 6/2014 - Scenic Lake Erie Bass Islands, Fishing for Bass and boats, geese with chicks, cormorant, old car,
April week 3, 2014 - Mississippi River Egret, Heron, Pelican, Cormorant building nests, egret mating, flying together, fighting, bass boat, scenic egret and heron
April week 1, 2014 march 29-april-5 - Mississippi River ducks, Heron etc. Bird islands, pelicans at michlesons, pelican plane, pelican eat fish, eagle on a log, ringneck ducks, mallards, redhead ducks, swans, golden eye ducks, white frinted geese, sandhill cranes
March, 2014 Mississippi river - Mississippi River ducks, Heron etc. old house, barns, Snowy Owls, eagle point park, old castle, pearched eagles, bufflehead ducks, mergansers up close, mallards, lee county barn sunrise, perched eagle feeding, 8 eagles fighting at once, full moon, pelicans at michelsons, pelican plane, pelican eat fish, eagle on a log, ringneck ducks, mallards, redhead ducks, swans, golden eye ducks, white frinted geese, sandhill cranes, cormorant, egret & heron building nests,
Snowy Owls 2014 - Northern Illinois in Lee county
All of February 2014 - Rock River Eagles, Owls Etc, about 500 photos
February 18th 2014 - Rock River, about 80 photos from one great day; Mergansers landing, eagles flying, old mill building, fighting on ice, eagle in water with big fish, grab shots, herbie in the snow
February 9th 2014 - Rock River, about 70 photos from one great day; White Dove, good dive shot, eagles on ice, fog scenes, old mill building, eagles fighting
February Week 1 2014 - Rock River Eagles, Geese, Eagles fighting, dropping fish, grabbing fish from geese, carrying big fish, great week. Mergansers ducks up close, fighting over jig; Also photos of Herbie; good setrling & bridge shots, fire in sterling, goose ducks down, geese in formation, 3 eagles tangled, good grab shots
January Eagles part 1 2014 - Rock River; 87 eagles at the point, eagles fishing, fighting, geese, swans, mallards
January Eagles part 2 2014 - Rock River, eagles on ice, eagles fighting, carrying big fish, herbie, mallards, seagle fights geese over fish, flicker, foogy cold day, truck with car on top, chickadee, bridge grab fish shots, mergansers, herbie next to ducks

2013 Photos

December Eagles 2013 - Rock River Eagles, eating fish while flying, mergansers flying, mallards, eagle carry big fish, fighting, drop fish, tangle in air, flipping fish in the air to show juveniles how to, seagle with fish, geese next to eagles, eagles foggy dam background, legs down, herbie, funny fisherman
Oct. Nov. Dec. 2013 mix - Mississippi River, Rock River, Bass, Catfish, Eagles, Birds, Mink, stormy skies, pink sunrise, large passenger boat, kingfishers, commercial fisherman mississippi river, sharp shinned hawk, downy, redbellied woodpecker, goldinch, snowy bluejays, crow, mallards, junko, fisherman at the dam
Oct. Little Bay Denoc 2013 Scenic michigan photos, Bass jumping and fighting, Light houses, Turkey, Pheasant, old one room school, ski hill, path in woods, michigan sunrises, michigan creeks and rivers in the Fall, swans, loons,
Aug Sept 2013 Big Bass jumping, Mississippi River, Rock River, Humming birds, song birds, River birds, Flowers, fulton windmill, locks, foggy river, dike around spring lake, rock falls, tracktors picking corn, farms, boats, cormorant, water lillies, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, heron, eagle, bridge construction, killdeer, 10 guys in a small boat, pelican, egret, ducks, railroad bridge, river boat, herbie, catfisherman
July 2013 Deer, rock river pelican, ave g bridge rock falls, catfish, herbie looking at fish, Scenic Mississippi River, River Birds, Sandhill cranes feeding on mayflies, flowers, old columbus ship, michlesons landing, back roads by savana, thompson causway, water lillies, sunflowers, egret, barge, pelican at RF dam, pelican skiing, group of pelican, back yard camp, 2 female king fishers, king bird, grebs, spotted sandpiper, redheaded woodpecker, ringnecked dove
June 2013 Tornado! Stormy skies, Heron, Egret, Cormorant, Pelican, Mississippi River, iris, penie Flower, rock river fishing photos,gr kids, herbie, andrew fishing, big catfish, dam, old ship, santa marie, pelicans at rock river dam, eagle point park, bird islands, crane at dam 13, moon over rock river, duck with chicks, roses, pelican eating fish, egret feeding chicks, cormorant, egret fight, heron, pelican chicks, bee balm, dove on bird house, wild yukka plant
May 2013 Mississippi River, Rock River, River birds, song birds, flowers, Fishing, eagle point park lookout, old rail road bridge at nelson, rock river back waters at nelson, andrew in a boat, rock river pelican, mississippi river nesting islands, egret, heron, pelicans crashing into each other, cormorant nest building, oriole at feeder, goldfinch, grossbeak at feeder, coot in full color, muskrat, barge, turkey flying, gar, turtle, wren, bluebirds at feeder, white capped sparrow, carolina wren, cardinal, red bellied woodpecker, tracktor spray, kids,
April 2013 High water Mississippi River, egret, pelicon, ducks, herbie as pup, sandhill crane nesting, shoveler ducks, pelican, redtailed hawk, swan, pheasant, woodies, egret, heron, coot, flooded michlesons, eagle, ringnecked ducks, eagle nest with chicks, cormorant, egret and heron nest
March 2013 Snowy back country, barns, Mississippi River, egret, pelicon, ducks, Back roads, Deer, Turkey, song birds, herbie, creeks, herbie in boat as little pup, farms, cardinal, sparrow, goldfinch, chickadee, flicker, eagle catch fish, robin, geese, icy river at mississippi, eagle point, pintailed ducks, herbie in ice, mergansers, swans, cranes, redheads, downys, hairy woodpecker,
February 2013 Mississippi River, Eagles, Rock River, Ducks, Rock Falls, song birds, canal, golden eye ducks, 1st ave bridge, mallards, eagles by flag, seagle with fish, 4 eagles tangled, eagles on ice, swans, upper dam, robins river's edge, mill ramp, cabin, RT hawk, cardinal
Jan. 2013 Rock River mix - scenic, birds, ducks, upper dam photographers, upper dam geese, ave g bridge, flag eagle, seagul fight, geese eat shad, mallard eat shad, flicker, goose fight, cardinal, crows seagul fight, robins and waxwings, 20 eagles in tree

2012 Photos

Jan. Feb, 2012 Rock River, Mississippi River, scenic, song birds, big Ducks, Eagles, red sunrise at como, dead pike, snowy como lake, brown creeper, mallards, downys, berhens creek, turkeys, chickadees, goose, goldeneye, helicopter, eagle catch fish print, raccoon, goldfinch, dark eyed junkos, titmouse, holes in pike,
March 2012 Andrew wrestling, Mississippi River, scenic, song birds, Ducks, Pelicans, Coot, Eagles, wildlife, dam 13, my boat, bass, spring lake, red bass boat, foggy river, perched eagle, swans, shoelers, pelican, muskrat, coot with green feet, geese, red sunrise spring lake, fisherman, cranes, fog lake, RB woodpecker, woody in tree, pelican, coots, turtles humping, flicker, cormorant, teal
April 2012 Como Lake, Mississippi River, heron, flowers, deer, Bass, Ducks, woody in tree, heron, RW blackbird, cattail slough, heron with fish, old trck at fulton, deer on hill, mergansers, teal, egret, eastern bluebirds, bass boat
May 2012 Como Lake, Mississippi River, egret, heron, flowers, deer, Bass, Ducks, Hummingbird, Andrew fishing, geese with chicks, butterly, white spider on flower, song birds, strange airplane, bench at michlesons, andrew with fish, T-dock, black birds, mallards, egret with large bluegill, teal, shoveler, RW blackbird, egret heron fishing, gese with chicks at park, cardinal at bath, eastern bluebird, blue pelican, cormorant, pelican, barge in lock, bird islands, moon islands, cormorant, geese with chicks miss, hummingbird, andrew path, kingbird, robin at bath, roses, egret scene, coots, RW blackbirds, orange butterfly on orange flower, yellow butterfly on yellow flower
June 2012 Mississippi River, egret, heron, flowers, river flower, barge, water lillies, storm photos, deer, Bass, Ducks, Bass, bass fishing, butterly, white spider, song birds, rock falls canal, palasades park, savanna IL, eagle point park, pelican lock & dam 13, sunrise, cormorant, rock river sewer, oriole nest, oriole, heron, pelican, dragonflies, eagle point, barge, red sunrise, bass jumping, spring lake, scenic rock, catfish, savana palasades park, yellow warbler, harry bass boat, pelican, lower dam, bright bee, strange moth, canal, barge, mallards, house on hill at fulton, egret with fish, RW blackbird nest building, heron flying, redheaded woodpecker, barge in locks, killdeer, barge, yard flowers, carp, sparrow, spotted sandpiper, oriole, swallow, pike jumping, palasades, bass jumping, goldfinch at bath, eastern bluebird, beebalm, downy, heron at lower dam, pelican at lower dam, girl fishing canal, mill ramp, walleye fight, dam 13, stormy skies at 13, clinton storm
July 2012 Moon, Rock river, sterling rock falls dam, rock river pelican, river flowers, Mississippi River, egret, heron, flowers, river flower, nesting islands, dragonfly, water lillies, Bass, Ducks, song birds, pelican lock & dam 13, sunrise, cormorant, spray plane, 100 egret, pelican eating minnows, cormorant, boat and jet ski, nesting islands, fighter jet quad cities, fishing boat, male rose breated grossbeak, eastern bluebird, barge, island cameras, biplane, DNR study boat, moon, spotted sandpiper, rock river low water at Lawrance park, lower dam, air show RF, walleye fight, drought yard
August 2012 andrew fishing, bass, crappie, RT Hawk, horses, heron fight, sterling rock falls dam, rock river pelican, river flowers, Mississippi River, egret, heron, flowers, river flower, nesting islands, dragonfly, song birds, pelican, vulture, pelican at lower dam, sandpiper in flight, pelican eating catfish, meadow lark, chickadee, geese in field, hummingbord, cardinal, goldfinch, cloud, buoy, barge, moth, lillies, tubing down the rock, bass jumping, lawrance park, rock falls, albany area, kids netting fish at lower dam
September 2012 fishing, catfishing, horses, walleye tournament, sterling rock falls dam, rock river pelican, river flowers, Mississippi River, egret, heron, flowers, song birds, pelican, wildlife, river boat, fulton windmill, chickadee, goldfinch, guy with catfish at lower dam, heron, guy with stripers at lower dam, barge, coots, pelican log, fishing boat bridge, heron point, dam 13, yard flowers, albany area, bass, catfish, striper, big drum, walleye fight, flathead, carp, raccon yard, river boat, bridges, bird island with no birds
October 2012 fishing, catfishing, walleye tournament, river flowers, Mississippi River, egret, heron, flowers, song birds, pelican, wildlife, river boat, fulton windmill, mississippi river fall scenes, duck hunter photos, country roads, coast guarde boat, buoy, grebe, pelican log, wingdam, boats fishing locks, foggy miss river, duck hunters, from lawrance bros building, rock falls, bass, horses, pumpkins, lower dam from bridge, shock boat, seaguls, geese, woodies, sparrow hawk american kestrel, flicker, tournament boats, kayac, titmouse, junko, flathead
November December 2012 fishing, catfishing, walleye fishing, sterling rock falls dam, rock river pelican, river flowers, Mississippi River, sterling rock falls bridge, clinton Ia at night, song birds, eagles, ducks seagulls fishing, 1st ave bridge at night, rock falls at night, clinton at night, candle light at night, big buoy, christmas card, waxwing, grossbeak, coot, finch, goldfinch, RB woodpecker, downy, RT hawk, eagles, junko, creeper, chickadee, mallard, seagul with fish,

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Family and senior shoots available. Any outdoor photograghy available in Sterling Rock falls area, (within 100 miles). Reasonable rates! You get full rights to use the photos as you wish with no logo marks across images for web use. Call 815-six two five-3473 or email me

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