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Nature Photography
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Photography 2011

by Dave Tackett
Mississippi River Pelicans 2011 Slideshow - Photos of Pelicans on the Mississippi River around lock & dam 13 area, pools 13 and 14.

Savanna, Miss. River Aug. 2011 - Some photos taken around Savanna Illinois area showing the bridge to Subula Iowa, and the river around Savanna.

Holes on Pikes head - I was looking for a good shot of a pike and noticed the lateral lines on this fish were pretty distinct. - pics

Creeper - Brown - I was sorting through my bird photos to organize them better, a winter project, but I ended up fishing all winter so this project has been on hold.

Mississippi River Best - Best Mississippi River 2011, pools 13 and 14

Bluejay (re-edited 2010) Slideshow - working on my bird pages again, these bluejays were taken through my window.

Oct. 31 2011 Grandkids costumes & fish - Some Walleye and Sauger I caught on Halloween and some photos of the Grandkids in their costumes I took later that day.

Rock River Flathead Catfish 2011 - Rock River Catfish caught near Sterling Illinois. About a 20 pound Flathead caught on a jig while Walleye fishing. - pics

Fighting Walleye - Fighting Walleye caught in the Mississippi River on pool 14 near Fulton Illinois and Clinton Iowa. This photo tells the story of 2011, rain and high water all year. - pics

Mississippi River Oct. 2011 Slideshow - Best photos for October 2011 of pool 13 and pool 14 down by Camanch Iowa. There are Bass jumping, Walleye fighting, Catfish tugging, Osprey hunting, Herons feeding, Egrets stalking, Swallows resting, Sandpipers piping, Geese flying Pelicans skimming, Turns turning, Seaguls watching, leaves falling, river boats rolling, water sparkling and some great Fall scenery on a calm day with river bluffs, sloughs, a dam, bridge pilings, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, lighted Marker buoys.

Mississippi River September 2011 - Photos of the Mississippi River on pool 13. Mostly landscape but includes Heron nd Egrets. - pics

Mississippi River Birds August 2011 - Full screen size photos of Green Heron, Great Heron, my boat, Egret, and lots of Turkey Vultures - pics

Rockfalls Canal 2011 - driving across the canal I stopped and took a few photos. These are full screen size. The canal was man made to run barges but it failed to be profitable so now it's just a waterway that has fish in it. - pics

Palisades Park Mississippi River 2011 - I stopped by Palisade park while in Savanna to get some photos of the Mississippi River. I walked out on one path that has a perch overlooking the bluffs and just before I got to the narrow edge I noticed a wasp had a nest in the dirt right where I was going to step. If I had made one more step I would have stepped on the wasp and probably would have been attacked by wasps while on a narrow edge with a 100' drop. Those bluffs are dangerous.

Hummingbird Moth, 2011 - Full screen size images of a giant moth that looks like a Hummingbird while flying. - pics

Rock River Birds July 31, 2011 - Large size images of Ducks with little ducklings and a Heron flying. - pics

My Yard 7/30/2011 - A Tree Frog, Hummingbirds, Dragonflies and Butterflies - pics

Mississippi River Mink etc July 21, 2011 - Mississippi River Mink, a Green Heron and a Walleye. I saw a family of Mink running around but by the time I got the camera out they were hiding. So I stuck around and soon they came out running around again and when I tried to get a good angle the Mother saw me and charged out after me. She got a just few feet from the boat before she finaly turned around. - pics

Japanese Beetle July 20th, 2011 - Large photos of a Japanese Beetle and a white Spider. I was testing out my macro - pics lens.

Mississippi River July 18th, 2011 - Large photos of the windmill at Fulton Illinois, some type of flower that grows on a bush along the river, some people fishing the dam, and some blue eyed cormorants - pics

Mississippi River July 12th, 2011 Pike Jumping - One lucky shot of a Northern Pike Jumping - pics

Mississippi River July 8th, 2011 - Some photos taken on Pool 13, Mississippi river. A red sunrise, lock and dam 13 road photos of the vegetation growth, Butterflies, Dragonflies and flowers

My yard July 7th, 2011 - Testing out my macro lens adapter shows flowers and wasps. - pics

My yard July 7th, 2011 - Testing out my macro lens - Clematis, Beebalm, Hollyhock Lilies. - pics

Mississippi River, 2011 - Strange bush flower, Frog, Dragonfly and a Northern Pike. - pics

Mississippi River Scenic June 29, 2011 - Railroad Lane, Micholson's, Bird Islands, Apple River mouth, Elk River area, Woodruffs, Iowa side by Eagle Point

Mississippi River Birds June 29, 2011 - Bird Islands, Cormorants on nests, Egret chicks in nest, Pelicans on nest, Herons, Egret pair in weeds, Deer at Gomers, Barge by Gomers, Eagle etc.

Flowers June 26, 2011 - back yard flowers, Clematis, Beebalms, Lilly, Hollyhocks - pics

Dog scuffle - North Carolina beach two identical Bulldogs meet and see who is most dominate - pics

North Carolina May 2011 - Beach, Pier with a Cattle Egret that someone was hand feeding fish bits, Seagulls on the Ferry, then at an Aquarium in Wilmington, boats out fishing, another beach, more piers, Dogs, etc.

Myrtle Beach 2 May 2011 - Myrtle Beach, Helicopter ride and a Ferris wheel ride.

Myrtle Beach May 2011 - Myrtle Beach, The Boardwalk amusement park, the beach and a ferris wheel

Mississippi River May 5-11 2011 - Pool 13, Sandpipers on a log, Wood Ducks in flight, Pelicans, Warblers, Egrets, Teal in flight, the pocket, Redwinged Blackbird, Green Heron eating a frog, Geese, Barge commercial fisherman, Bass, pool 14, Heron, Redtailed Hawk, giant Turtle, flooded dam area, Muskrat, flooded trees, Northern Pike fighting, creek by Eagle Point, Eagle Point lookout, Northern Pike in the boat, the Perch hole and lots of scenery

Mississippi River May 1 2011 - Lots of Swallows, Redwinged Blackbird, Green Heron with Frog, Warblers, Pelicans, Egrets, Herons, etc. Some of the same photos above but some aren't.

Mississippi River Turtles 2011 - Giant Snapping Turtles - pics

Mississippi River May 1 2011 - Wood ducks, Warblers, Sandpipers, Teal in flight, Baltimore Oriole, Egrets; some repeats but some new again

Mississippi River May 2 2011 (complete set) - Muskrat, Woody, Warblers, Redwinged Blackbird, Sandpipers, Teal in flight, Oriales, Swallow, Egrets. .

Mississippi River April 24 2011 - Warblers, Redwinged Blackbird, Snake in tree, great Muskrat

Mississippi River Pool 14 April 2011 - Old style gallery - Swallows, Robin, Cowbirds, Geese, Egrets, Eagle's nest, lock & dam 13, Flying Teal, Eagle Point Park, Heron, Pelicans, Cormorants, Bass jumping, Turtles, Muskrat and flooded areas

Mississippi River Pool 14 Slide show April 2011 - Some repeats, swallow, floods, Egrets, Geese, Eagle's nest, dam, teal, Cowbirds, flooded trees, Pelicans, Bass, Muskrat

Bird photos 4/2/2011 - Slide show - Back yard birds, Woodpeckers, Goldfinch, flowers

First Day Outside with the Kids - Back yard swinging

Dixon IL Dam area Slide show - Dam area, cloudy day

Upper Dam Slide show - Bald Eagles, Swans, Geese, ducks include Baffle heads, Red headed, Merganser, Mallards, Seagulls. All feeding on shad. Scenic photos too, a very large collection of photos here.

Slide show 2/19/2011 - Eagles Seaguls dam area


Rock River with Andrew - Walk with Julie and Andrew by canal and upper dam

Rock River Winter 2011 Eagle Slide show - Mostly Eagles. Eagles flying over Geese

Sterling Country side 2/3/2011 - Driving down the back roads after a heavy snow - pics

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