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Trolling Sinkers
Clip-on Sinkers
Bottom Bouncers
Get better control of the depths, keep your lures free from debris, walks on two legs, won't spin, tangle free, less knots, easy to use & store. Clip-on sinkers and bottom bouncing slip sinkers, the best trolling sinkers around and the price is hard to beat. I caught 3 Walleye over 11 pounds using these Clip-on Sinkers at Lake Erie! They work on the mississippi River too! The slip sinkers are a must have for rivers and lakes. No more tieing knots all day with a 3-way rig, just run line through the sinker and tie to leader, just one knot!
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Lake Erie Walleye DVD

New 2009 Fishing DVD! Three Walleye over 10#! Advanced trolling techniques. I made a trip just to get footage to show how to catch big Walleye using my clip-on trolling sikers and planer boards.

fillet dvd
How to Fillet Fish DVD
Fillet fish fast with electric knife. Panfish, Bass, Walleye and Catfish

jigs dvd
How to Tie Jigs Fishing DVD
New edition is now 100 minutes long. Learn to tie acrylic hair, bucktail, rubber shirt jigs; pour sinkers and jigs; sinker rigs, floater rigs, slip-sinker rigs, crawler harness spinner rigs and more.

10 Tube Worms for Cheese Bait

Two sizes available,
5/16" and 7/16"

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clip-on sinkers

"The Clipband" Clip-on Sinker

Made in USA

I caught a Walleye over 11 pounds the first time I tested my new sinker-rig!

walleye photo

I got tired of those expensive clip-on sinkers falling off while fight fish, or worse, they slide down my line causing line damage. I tried adding a rubberband to keep it from sliding down, but then this made the clip difficult to un-clip costing me fish. A day came where a $7 dollar sinker just fell off and I had had it, I was determined to come up with something better. After years of trial and error, I finally came up with a sinker that not only works, but also works better and for less money! And it catches more and bigger fish with its bouncy action!

This is not a complicated method, it is easy to use, instead of clipping the clip to your line you just add a rubberband to your line and clip the sinker to the rubberband. When you un-hook the sinker, you just reel the rubberband right through rod-eyes and into your reel.

This sinker rig works great trolling Crankbaits and Spinner-rigs! Just feed out the spinner rig about 30 feet, then attach the rubberband and clip the clip-on sinker to the rubberband and then drop it to the bottom. This gives you plenty of time to un-clip as the fish is still 30 feet back.

sinker how to

This rig is fully weight adjustable, just slide-on slide-off. Any size egg sinkers can be added or removed by pulling and pushing weights on and off. I do have two sizes, the difference is the clip size, I use a larger clip for 2oz and larger. The smaller 1oz clip cuts the water better and works great for smaller bodies of water.

No knots required - just loop R-band around line and pull tight, it only takes seconds and your fishing in no time.

Won't spin, twist, slide down or damage your line!

Fishead Tackle Trolling Sinkers walk on two legs to help keep it straight.

Easy to clip and unclip and forgiving rubberband stretches while unhooking a big fish! This is a critical time and certainly not the time with a big fish fighting. I've had the boat rock from waves right when I was unhooking and it just stretches keeping the line from breaking, very user friendly.

Comes with everything needed ready to use, clips, wires, weights, instructions; Just cast out a crankbait, wrap rubberband around the line one end through the other and pull tight, then clip the sinker to the rubberband and feed out line.

walleye photo

Clip to boat carpet while not in use. After a rough boat ride your sinker rigs are still where you left them. Open a lid and they won't fly into the water, the clip keeps them right attached to the carpet.

Bouncing action in waves triggers more fish! The rubberband amplifies the jerking action, which helps get those blades spinning giving all baits and lures more action!

Low water resistance; small gauge stainless steel wire cuts like a knife and fitted with an oval shaped lead weight for minimal drag.

Painted lead for your safety! Made by fisherman for fisherman.

Convenient packaging fits in tackle box or in your pocket; The SS wire is such a small diameter it can be rolled up and put in a bag, then it springs back to shape when removed. Just clip it to the boat carpet after unhooking and it will always is where you left it.

Fully illustrated instructions on the package but it's a simple in design and easy to use.

Extra strong American made Alliance Rubberbands with 12 pound strength; made in Ohio, but any rubberband will work.

Tested by Fishermen for years; I have been using these clip-on sinkers since 2002.

Best of all - the price! Because it is so simple in design, the cost is only a fraction of what other clip-on sinkers costs.


Additional Benefits:

Keeps bait free of debris, (weeds, algae, grass, cottonwood, Mayflies etc.); Have you ever picked up a blade of grass and had to reel in a twisted mess of fishing line and tackle? Maybe it tangled with other rods after running in circles causing even more line loss because it's not possible to untangle it? I use a clip-on sinker just to keep my bait clean for awhile longer when the surface has crude like bugs by just dropping it below the surface and it doesn't affect where my crankbait is running except I don't need to feed out as much line, yet another benefit. Just let the sinker ride just under the surface to keep baits free and running true.

This means no more long lining! This sinker helps keep your line in the water saving hundreds of wasted feed out; Here's why - the distance between your rod tip and the water's surface is wasted line. This can be hundreds of feet. Add a clip-on sinker and cut this down to 10 feet. It does not affect the depth of the bait if it's kept just under the surface for fishing shallow, so its basically just keeping your bait clean and running true. Then if your lure does happen to spin from debris, you won't lose as much line since there is no more long lining (twisted braided line can't be fixed if it twists up too much, thatís why I donít use it, but for those who do use braided line, this helps save you lots of money).

Easily hop over shallow areas by reeling it up to rod tip makes using clip-on sinkers an even better idea. If your pulling a few Crankbaits and the depth goes from 40 to 10 feet, just reel the sinker up to the pole until you pass, then feed it back out, no need to un-hook the sinker rig.

Acts as line memory; The rubberband marks the line because it is never removed, and when you feed your rig back out the rubberband will come out in the same place it was before the fish, getting you back to the same exact depth.


Summory: 25 Reasons to use the Clipband

1. Fully weight adjustable, slide on or off with ease;
2. No knots required - just loop R-band around line and pull tight;
3. Won't spin, twist, slide down or damage line, walks on two legs;
4. Easy to clip and unclip;
5. Out performs any other Clip-on for a fraction of the cost;
6. Forgiving rubberband stretches when a big fish shakes or runs while unclipping;
7. Clip to boat carpet while not in use;
8. Bouncing action in waves catches more and bigger fish;
9. Won't spook fish;
10. Painted lead for your safety;
11. Keeps bait free of debris, (weeds, grass, cottonwood, Mayflies etc.);
12. Low water resistance, great for deep water;
13. Double stainless steel wire walks the bottom;
14. Convenient packaging fits in tackle box or in your pocket;
15. Illustrated instructions;
16. No more long lining, keeps line in the water saving hundreds of wasted feed out;
17. Run baits with 1-10 ounce weights;
18. Extra strong American made Alliance Rubberbands with 12 pound strength;
19. Comes with everything needed ready to use, clips, wires, weights, instructions;
20. Easily hop over shallow areas by reeling it up to rod tip:
21. Tested by Fishermen for years;
22. Acts as line memory;
23. Won't fall off or slide down line;
24. Low price;
25: Any egg sinker will do;



1. Feed out lure about 30 feet or anywhere between 3-50',
2. Wrap R-band around line by inserting one end through the other and pulling tight;
3. Attach Clip-on Sinker by clipping it to the rubberband;
4. Drop sinker to bottom, pull awhile and drop once or twice more depending on how close to the bottom you want to be.
5. Catch fish, unhook sinker when it comes up, ignore R-band and reel it through rod and into your reel while fighting the fish.
6. Feed out line until the rubberband comes out, then attach sinker. This makes a good line marker.


Clip-on Sinkers

Clip-on sinker

Note: The two ounce sinkers have a larger clip and that is what I use. I can easily just wrap my fingers around the clip to release it. The small clip is harder to un-clip because trying to put a thumb on the clip thumb plate can be tricky and with a big fish moving it this can be a hard task. I would recommend the larger clips.

Note: These sinkers are fully weight adjustable, you can easily slide on as many weights as you need. This means you can buy the one ounce and add as many egg sinkers as you wish, probably up to 1/2 pound and you can contact me if you need longer wires to add even more (no extra charge for extended wire length).

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Fisheadtackle Trolling Sinkers

Walleye DVD
Clip-on Sinkers

Walleye DVD
Bottom Bouncers
Want to catch big Walleye? How about filleting a fish in 20 seconds? Maybe make your own jigs? Buy my Fishing DVDs Today!
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Walleye DVD Walleye DVD

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