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Fisheadtackle Walleye Fishing DVDS!

walleye dvd 07
Mississippi River Walleye part 1 DVD
Walleye how-to for
Large bodies of Water, Lakes or Rivers.

90 minutes - Filmed on the Mississippi River pool 13 & 14, jigging wingdams, crankbaits, lots of big Walleye!
$19.99 - Free shipping

walleye dvd 07
Mississippi River Walleye part 2 DVD
Walleye How-to for Rivers

  90 minutes - Filmed on the Mississippi River, crankbaits, jigging, lots of big Walleye!
$19.99 - Free shipping

lake erie
Lake Erie Walleye DVD
Advanced Trolling Techniques

120 minutes - Trolling crankbaits, using clip-on sinkers and planer boards. Three 10 pound class Walleye on film. The fishing is around the Bass Islands. This DVD comes in an attractive hard case.
$19.99 - Free Shipping

lake erie
Lake Erie old footage DVD
Fishing in a small boat & Bass Islands

90 minutes - Old-footage - See what it's like fishing from a small boat. See what its like out in the waves, and what its like to fish out there in a small boat. The fishing is mostly out away from the islands and it is trolling crankbaits, using planer boards and clip-on sinkers.
$19.99 - Free Shipping

fillet fish
How to Fillet Fish DVD
Fillet Fish Fast with Electric Knife

  Fillet Bass, Catfish, Walleye and Panfish in no time! Cut the amount of time it takes to fillet fish! Special technique for panfish, one quick swipe with the knife and a bluegill is done in seconds! Special technique for Walleye, get an extra boneless fillet in seconds, hardly any extra work and you get an instant great tasting fillet!
$19.99 - Free Shipping

How to Tie Jigs & Rigs DVD
Walleye, Bass

Bass Jigs, Walleye Jigs, Crappie Jigs, Bucktails, Acrylic Hair, Living rubber, Pouring sinkers, Spinner rigs, Leader rigs, Hair worms, Floaters, Stinger hooks and more!

$19.99 - 3 day Shipping

North Western Steel & Wire Steel Mill DVD
24" mill - 1998 & Electric Furnace Department

120 minutes - Home-footage filmed from a crane shows the 24" I-beam mill, shipping and furnace department. See a bar run through the mill forming an I-beam and follow it all the way through the process ending up in shipping where it is loaded on a truck or railroad car.
19.99 - Free Shipping


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Dave Tackett has been making art and cartoons since 2004. He has made many logos for businesses and he has made numerous custom cartoon T-shirts. His photography is great for cards and prints, and all his art can be found in canvas prints and many other products offered by Zazzle. If you would like a name added to any picture just send me an email.
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