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Fish Stories

True stories of days I've had on the water

Full Moon = Big Bass: One stormy night I caught a limit of bass all between 5 and 8 pounds. In the midwest, there is one week in May that all big fish are biting. This is during the full or dark moon. They don't bite all 7 days of this moon cycle, it may be only one night that they bite. All it takes is a thunder storm and a mass feeding spree is on. Usually swimming a jig-n-pig, spinnerbait or your favorite lure parallel to the bank catches fish, but this night that didn't work and while waiting for my partner, I started casting out on this shallow sand shelf looking for the drop off. As soon as I found the drop off I started catching big Bass, who were feeding on bluegill venturing off the shallow to the deep water. The Bass were laying there in wait. I imagine there was some bass that were pushing the fish toward the drop off as Bass do use teamwork and I have seen with my own eyes this sort of behavior... more

Giant Gar - Tablerock Lake Missouri, 1977   I was fishing this large cove that was full of standing timber, so much that it was hard to even navigate the boat back to the back. On the way back I saw some large Kentucky Bass sitting on top of some tree tops with brush, they were soaking up sun. This was in the spring around spawning time. As I got close to the back of the cove I could see and hear carp splashing doing their spawning activities. I wasn't sure they were carp so I went all the way back to get a look. When I was sure they were carp I turned the trolling motor on to leave, but first I looked to be sure the motor wouldn't hit this large fallen tree I was sitting over in about 8 feet of clear water. It looked like I would clear so I turned the motor on high and when I did, to my surprize, the oak tree started to move... it was a giant fish! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I followed it out to deep water where it slowly faded from view heading for the main lake depths. It looked like an alligator, but it was a fish. I knew it was a gar because I had been seeing a lot of gar that week. I headed back to the cabin and asked around and found some info on the lake record gar. I think it was close to 300 pounds! How would anyone even catch such a fish? I think that fish was back in the back of that cove feeding on those carp which were very large themselves.

Bass Tournament Tips   One day while fishing Mark Twain Reservoir I was pre-fishing for a tournament and something strange occurred... the water was so dirty.

Fishing weedbeds   One day while fishing Mark Twain Reservoir I was pre-fishing for a tournament and something strange occurred... the water was so dirty.

Giant Catfish on 6# test   One day in February while Walleye fishing I got a snag in about 20 feet of water in front of a shallow point that went out about 40 feet from the bank. There was a lot of brush I could see on the depth finder. I had to break off and tie on another jig. I managed to stay on the same spot with using the electric trolling motor. As soon as I dropped it down I had a hid and set the hook only to be snagged again. Since the knot was fresh I had a hard time getting the 6# test line to break. I pulled hard and got it to come up a little, but then it would just go right back down to the bottom. While messing around trying to break the line I felt something odd that didn't feel like a branch, it felt like a head shake! ...

One stormy night Catfishing - One day working 3-11 shift, I told a co-worker I was going fishing after work and I was going to catch some big channel cats because it was storming out and Catfish always bite good during and after storms. He didn't believe me. So I told him he could go to see if he wanted to. He agreed, so we went out and I pulled in my favorite cove and dropped anchor....

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